Posted by: Hailey | August 3, 2009

BBQ Wines for August!

bubbly-bbq-m-mAs we head into summer’s hottest month, everyone is planning their bbqs and ways to stay cool. What though do you pair with all this grilled meat and accompaniments other than the good old fashioned American beer? Wine! It can be just as good, if not a better pairing, for those hot afternoons on the patio.

When it comes to pairing wine with grilled food, you want something that will reflect and complement the flavors of the meat. Bringing out the smokiness of being grilled is best done with smoky wines. A pinotage from South Africa is a great wine to pair with grilled red meats or lamb. Additionally, a smoky carmeneré from Chile would also pair well with a nice juicy steak. Another classic BBQ wine pairing is the fruity and spicy flavors of a young zinfandel. This bold and juicy red is perfect for those heavy grilled meats. Syrahs are another great option as are Malbecs from Argentina. BBQ’s are all about flavor and you want a wine that’s packed with big flavors and aromas to complement your foods.

For those that prefer white wines or the lighter side of a BBQ, there are great options for grilled veggies and fish. A crisp French or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is a great choice to accompany grilled vegetables and/or shrimp. Rieslings can also be a nice treat paired with a sweet or tangy BBQ sauce. Rosés are fast becoming a BBQ staple.  A crisp dry rosé from France is a great complement combining the coolness of a white with a little bit more complexity of a red.

The bottom line is to enjoy the BBQ and wines; pair your favorites! GiraMondo Wine wishes you a very happy August!


  1. Great post Hailey. Let me add the Saperavi grape from Georgia which goes very well with grilled meats and the Saint Laurent from Austria. Both are wonderful additions.

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