Posted by: Hailey | February 25, 2010

Southern Italy- the up and coming star!

The birth of wine in Italy started in the south more than 4000 years ago. It was here the Phoenicians, then Greeks, thenRomans started viticulture. However,Southern Italy has since fallen in fame compared to the ever popular regions including Tuscany, Piedmont, and Veneto. In recent years though, Southern Italy wine regions have been making a name for themselves and emerging on the world wine market as high quality and great value wines.

Campania is at the center of this renaissance. Located around the city of Naples and including the Amalfi Coast and Mt. Vesuvius areas, Campania has several standout varietals and wines. The rich soil and temperate climate here are ideal for growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Grapes are no exception. Taurasi, a red wine from Campania is gaining success on the international market as some compare it to Barolo, Barbaresco, or Brunello from the north. It is a tannic and complex red wine with the capability of aging 15+ years. Made from Aglianico grapes, Taurasi is hailed to be one of the best wines of the south. Campania also produces two great white wines- Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo. Wines in the Campania region thrive in the volcanic rich soils surrounding Mt. Vesuvius.

Puglia is bordered by the Adriatic Sea and is boasts negroamaro, primitivo, and malvasia nera as some of its best red varietals- all making great wines! Ranging from dark and robust red wines to lighter more acidic wines, Puglia is fast becoming another standout region in the south!

As Italy’s largest wine producing area, Sicily has been growing wines since the beginning. With a food culture rich in seafood, crisp and light whites are the perfect compliment. Sicily also has some outstanding red wines. Additionally, Sicily makes some fortified wines including Marsala.


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