Posted by: Hailey | March 5, 2010

What to eat with your German Wines?

All Star!Germany produces a wide range of white, rose and red wines.Because they are generally lighter, crisper, and more fragrant than most other wines, German wines are often perfectly suited to today’s lighter, more flavorful fare.

What makes German wines so versatile?

Germany is a northern European wine country, whose cool climate and long growing season yields wines with refreshing crispness, elegant flavors, and moderate alcohol content (averaging 8% to 11%, compared with 12% to 13% for wines from most other countries).

At the table, this natural lightness, combined with the wine’s underlying crispness, allows German wines to pair easily with a broad range of foods. And the elegant fruitiness of German wines marries readily with robust–and refined–dishes of all types.

All Star!A sure combination is to pair wines with foods indigenous to the same region. A light slightly sweet Riesling pairs nicely with heavier cheeses and sausages- acting as a contrast to the fattiness of the food. A dry gewürztraminer will pair nicely with spaetzle. These are easy and delicious pairings.

Asian food has also been a favorite to pair with German wines. The spices and sauces are greatly contrasted and complimented by the light German wines. A sweet wine will also lessen the spiciness of some dishes making them more enjoyable.

Either pairing is a culinary adventure and allows different flavors and aromas to come out in both the wines and foods.

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