Posted by: wineatlunch | April 21, 2010

Wine and Twitter- a perfect pairing!

All Star!As many of you are aware, Twitter is one of the many platforms of social media. Unlike other social media outlets like Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter has been the fastest growing and fastest accepted social media tool. Celebrities, politicians, corporations, companies, movements, clubs, and more have a twitter account. It’s a fast and easy way to connect with people, send out a message, and have a voice be heard (if you know what you’re looking for). So how does the wine industry come up in this 2010 twitter world?

As you can see in the graph above, while it is a generalization, the adoption of twitter by wine bloggers is immense and winos are one of the groups leading the way in tweets. Veteran wine bloggers like Dr. Vino, Nat’s Decants, and Gary Vaynerchuck have twitter accounts and share wines and tasting notes throughout the day- every day. Twitter allows lesser known twitters to have a voice among the big guys as well. Even groups dedicated to learning about certain varietals or regions exist for you to follow and share.

One area where Twitter is influencing the wine industry is tasting. Companies, groups, and friends who may be separated by distance can now taste “together” on Twitter. This doesn’t mean you have to taste at the same time or taste your wine while constantly tweeting. Giving a short and concise note about a wine you drank will help those who follow you learn about the wine and decide if it might be one for them to try. This also works the other way around and you can choose who you follow based on their wine tweets and reviews giving you a wealth of information throughout the day- every day.

Twitter is fast changing the landscape where we share and receive information and wine information is one of the most exciting parts about it!


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