Posted by: Laurent | January 4, 2011

Five Wine Trends to watch in 2011

Instead of summarizing what happened in 2010, I preferred discussing 5 trends that I think should be watched (and enjoyed) in 2011:

  • Accessorizing the wine experience: In many ways, the consumption of wine is accompanied by a number of accessories: corkscrews, glasses, decanters, and of course food. In that last category, GiraMondo is quite enthusiastic about savory cookies designed to accompany a wine tasting. A local company, Cookie Zen, has launched a line of savory cookies to accompany sparkling wines, red wines and white wines. It is called Cookies and Corks ( Just to give you an idea, our preferred cookies are Parmesan Thyme, White Cheddar Rosemary and Apricot Sage. These cookies are now available at Wholefoods and in fine wine stores around the DC area.
  • Beaujolais becoming a diversified appellation: Watch the Beaujolais Appellation, as it is morphing from a marketing experience (Beaujolais Nouveau) to a more diversified appellation. In addition to the 10 crus of Beaujolais that represent the excellence the Gamay grape, the appellation is pushing for “new” products on the market including White Beaujolais (Chardonnay and Aligote), Beaujolais Rosé (Gamay), and even sparkling Gamay! For sparkling Gamay, I recommend “Made by G” from Domaine des Nuges, available at Cleveland Park Liquor Store
  • Local trending: we hear it everywhere: buy local. We have a lot of very talented local wine professionals and wineries. My selection of wineries to look for in 2011 are Boxwood in Virginia (, Black Ankle in Maryland ( and Thibault-Janisson ( for sparkling wine, also in Virginia.
  • Sparkling wines bubbling even more: The action in the sparkling category has been amazing over the past few years and it will continue. The success of Cava and Prosecco have really re-energized the category. We are getting even more Cremant from all over France as well as many more recoltant-manipulant (small houses) references. Both Cleveland Park Liquor Store and Wide World of Wine have a wonderful selection of sparkling wines. At Wide World of Wine, you can get vintage champagne from a small house for the same price as non-vintage champagne from large brands. I would pay a visit to Elliott and Hugo to learn more. My biggest recent discovery is Tedeschi Vineyards Hula O Maui Sparkling Wine, a pineapple sparkling wine made the champenoise way. Thanks Andrew Stover for bringing this to us. Thanks to Antony for selling it at Cleveland Park liquor store.
  • Good deals in 2011: In an economic recession, we are all looking for deals. The challenge is to find good value for the price. I would like to suggest two little known appellations that I think do offer a good value for the price: Rosso Piceno (DOC) from Italy and Minervois-La liviniere (AOC) from France. Both offer complex, juicy and well-structured red wine that are so lovely during the cold months of the winter. Go to Wine Searcher to find out where they are sold close to you.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2011!

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